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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A few months ago, we published a guide to Online Only auctions.  There was a reason...

In these last few months I'm sure many of our longtime customers have noticed the decreasing number of LIVE auctions and the increasing number of ONLINE-ONLY auctions, as we begin to aggressively test our platform and the environment surrounding online-only sales.  We consider it a powerful tool in our that gives our sellers and consignors increased reach and our buyers more convenience to be able to bid when and where they choose.  Thus far it's been a win all around.

When bidders come to pick up items they won online, we are invariably asked "When is your next LIVE sale?"  

We still plan to have LIVE sales and the truth be told, we absolutely love conducting them.  We all thrive on the action and excitement of a good, old fashioned open-outcry auction and we have no plans to stop having them.  We are thankful to be as busy as we ever have been and there's more than enough good stuff out there to keep our sizable facility full, so it's almost a necessity that we conduct both types of sales.  

With rise of Amazon and similar business models, there has been a rapid and inevitable shift towards the convenience and efficiency of online commerce.  Auctions are no exception.  We've seen a shift to online auctions in many areas that traditionally had used the live auction method and an increasing number of sellers and buyers now regularly ask if we have online auction capabilities.

The world is changing and it's important that we change with it if we are to provide our buyers and sellers with the best experience and value.  These new online-only auctions will provide us with important data about how items traditionally sold at live sales are received by an online crowd so we can better determine which method to use for a given type of asset.  We appreciate your patience as we test the waters and your feedback is always encouraged.  Stay tuned!.  For our online-only offerings, simply click HERE! 

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