Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you accept for auction?

Just about anything of good value.  That can include: Cars, boats, coins, jewelry, household items, antiques, art, business assets and inventories, tools, equipment, collections, furniture, electronics and more.  Of course there are items we don't accept, and there's a general list of those categories further down in the FAQ's.  If you're not sure, just contact us.

What types of auctions do you conduct?

We specialize in online and live auctions.  Online auctions enable us to expose assets to a large number of buyers via the power of the internet.  Our online bidding platform makes it easy for buyers to bid and win from the comfort of home.  Additionally, we conduct live, open outcry sales at our gallery on occasion as well as at a seller's location.

If I want to sell items at the auction, must I bring them in or can you pick up?

Naturally, you are welcome to bring items to the gallery to be sold, but if you have larger items or a large quantity we are happy to arrange a truck pick up.  We can even arrange to pack for you if needed.  

If I sell items with you, how quickly will I get paid?

We typically send out checks about 10-14 days after the sale.  If you need to be paid sooner, we can typically accomodate you, but there is a separate agreement and policy for "early pays."

Can I place a minimum price on an item I wish to sell?

Yes and no.  We typically allow market forces to determine price at auction, so we don't normally accept seller minimums.  Sales without minimums bring more people.  More people = more bidding = higher prices overall.  This means we do not typically accept minimum prices from a seller at our sales, BUT we occasionally do accept minimum selling prices on rare or specialty items if we feel the minimum asking price is well aligned with what the market should bear.  Rule of thumb:  If you are attached to an item, don't sell it.

If I purchase an item at an online auction, how do I pay and pick up?

When you register to bid, we collect credit card information (this is not accessible by us and is stored on a secure third party server.)  All winning bidders are AUTOMATICALLY charged for the items on their emailed invoice which is sent after the close of the auction.  All you have to do is come to the gallery and pick your items up on the day designated for pick up.  No payment hassles.  Just grab and go! 

NOTE:  Please take note of the pickup day!   Please understand that we do not have space to store items for purchasers and cannot hold items after pickup day.

If I want to bid at your auctions, how do I register?

FOR ONLINE AUCTIONS: Simply navigate to the ONLINE AUCTIONS  bar on our home page.  Choose the sale you'd like to register for and click the bottom bar where it says "Register to Bid."  We will need some basic info from you including the credit card you wish to use for payment.  Once the info is saved, you're ready to go!  To register for future sales, you'll only need your username and password and you'll be ready to bid!

FOR LIVE SALES:  We will need a valid, scannable drivers license presented if you wish to register to bid.  We also require other info to be provided, such as a valid phone number and e-mail address if you wish to receive auction alerts.  The process to register takes only moments and can be done at any time during the inspection period or after the auction has begun.  We do not provide permanent bidding numbers (usable for all subsequent sales) so if you come to another auction, we will need for you to simply provide your name and we will verify that your information is current.  If you are buying to re-sell, you must have a copy of a valid tax-id or state document verifying that you are in the business of re-selling.  We will also require you to fill out a state tax-exempt form.

I bid on an item but it got sold to someone else, what can I do?

ONLINE AUCTIONS: The best advice we can give is to bid early!  If you wish to defend you bid near the end of the auction, you can see all the action and bid in real time in our LIVE CATALOG which opens 30 minutes prior to the first lots closing.  It will be the flashing bar at the bottom of the auction listing.  Click it to load the LIVE CATALOG.  Please note that the internet, wifi, routers and third party websites can cause delays and lag in your bid being registered in the final seconds of the action so make sure to get your best bids in early.  Once an item closes, legally it becomes a final contract for sale so we cannot reverse it.  Remember, when it comes to computers and the internet, STUFF HAPPENS!  We can address issues the day before an auction closes, but not in it's final seconds.

LIVE AUCTIONS:  The auction process can be quite rapid and on rare occasions someone's bid might not be caught.  The is is an unfortunate situation and we try to prevent it from happening.  Once the auctioneer calls an item "sold," a legal contract is created and after that point, the sale is final and irreversible.

As the bidder, you can minimize the chance your bid will be missed.  Most important - watch the auctioneer.  If your bid is not acknowledged, it is perfectly acceptable to raise your voice to be heard and seen.  We do not wish to miss any bids but sometimes when an auction draws a big, spread out crowd, a bid can get missed. Be sure to make yourself seen and heard!

Are there items you do NOT accept?

Due to market conditions, changing tastes and space considerations, there are a number of items we do not accept.  If you deliver items to the gallery, please understand that we may turn items down.   (If you need items with little or no value removed or need a clean up, we can assist you.  Just ask.)  This page is updated regularly.

We can come to your home to give a more detailed assessment.

The current "LIST"....of what we don't accept

Anything broken, inoperable, damaged, smelly, dirty, moldy or missing pieces...vintage, antique or not.

Anything made of particle board...laminated or not.

Everyday clothing

Broken, rusty tools.

Used child or baby items including toys, high chairs, strollers, car seats, cribs and swings.

Stained, dirty or worn rugs and padding. (Antique rugs OK if clean.)

Some everyday pictures, posters & prints.  (Subject to approval.)

Dining room tables and chairs, china cabinets. (Subject to approval)

Light bulbs, razor blades, paintbrushes or anything from the junk or miscellaneous drawers.

Old computers, outdated laptops and monitors

Old computer printers, scanners.

Copiers or fax machines of ANY kind.

Computer desks or large office desks

Glass top tables.

Curtains, curtain rods and blinds

Chemicals and liquids including paint, cleaners, solvents, weed killer, etc

Bowling balls, used tents, sleeping bags.

Rusty or inoperable bicycles. 

Store displays

Plastic flowers or plants, plastic flower pots

ALL used exercise equipment including treadmills exercise bikes, "thigh masters", weights and weight benches

Full depth TV's, projection TV's. plasma TV's (We accept flat panel LED only)

Paperbacks, novels, self improvement books, textbooks, encyclopedias, Readers Digest Condensed books. (LOCAL INTEREST and AUTHORS OK.)

Used golf clubs and caddys

Anything upholstered that has stains, dirt, rips, pet smells, mildew or is worn in any way.

Sleeper sofas and futons

Single odd chairs or single barstools.

This End Up furniture

Old fryers, blenders, skillets, small appliances, plastic storage containers, greasy or worn pots and pans.

Electric Typewriters

Slide projectors, home movie projectors, tape recorders, cassettes, cassette players.

Picture frames, small or large.

Office desks, conference tables, chairs, filing cabinets, partitions.

Older appliances, dishwashers

Mattresses, toppers and box springs, headboard shelving units.

House parts including but not limited to doors, windows, light fixtures, tile, brick, lumber, nails, plywood, siding or shingles (Old ARCHITECTURAL OK)

Microwave ovens and microwave stands, used toaster ovens.

Old rusty barbeques.

Any entertainment center or stereo cabinet.

Yard sale leftovers.

Medical supplies.

Auto parts

Or anything else we feel has little or no market value.  Please donate these items so that someone in need may get good use of them.  We can provide the names of good local charities who would be grateful to receive many of the above items.

I am a seller. What happens to items of mine that don't sell?

If we cannot secure a bid on an individual item, we will typically group it with other items in order to sell it.  Any leftovers after a sale that secured no bids or interest will be disposed of unless you call within 24 hours of the auction to request them back.  We will not deliver items back if they are not sold.  If the item has a reserve or minimum bid that was not met, you must retrieve the item within 7 days of the sale or it will be sold for storage fees at the next auction.  We cannot store items that remain unsold and such items will not be "run again" through the next auction.

How do I find out about your upcoming auctions?

The best way to be "in the know" is to like us on Facebook and register your email at the bottom of our web page.  We send out announcements regularly!

I want to bid for items online. How do I view the items in-person?

We allow anyone to view any of the items available for sale in our online auctions.  Simply e-mail, text or call and we'll arrange to have you by the gallery to inspect.  Please note that once you bid, you agree to accept an item in its present condition, so we strongly encourage a visit to look at any items you have an interest in.

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