Consignments, Coins & Antiques

If it has value(*), we can sell it!  Quality furniture, household items, tools, business equipment, vehicles, name it...we can sell it.  Auction Orange also has extensive experience with coins and antique sales.  We have a lifelong numismatist and antique experts on staff to consult with you about your collections.  Over the past 16 years, we have marketed and sold hundreds of thousands of items for local sellers.  Ask us how we can help.  Pick up and clean up services available!  We make it easy to sell with us!

(*)The list below outlines items we do not accept for auction because they historically have little or no value.

Anything broken, inoperable, damaged, rusted out or missing critical pieces.

Anything made of particle board...laminated or not

General clothing except for excellent vintage items or leather.

Used child or baby items including toys, high chairs, strollers, car seats and swings.  Antique OK.

Used pet items, toys, beds, scratching posts etc.

Old computers and CRT monitors

Used computer printers, scanners.

Copiers of ANY kind

Computer desks

Curtains and blinds

Chemicals including paint, cleaners, solvents, insecticides, etc

Bowling balls

Flimsy plastic or sheet metal shelving units, most store displays, shelving and racking

Plastic flowers, plastic flower pots

Used exercise equipment, weights and weight benches

Full depth CRT TV's, projection TV's

Old stereo speakers.

Books - paperbacks, novels, self improvement books, textbooks, encyclopedias, Readers Digest Condensed books

Used golf clubs

Anything upholstered that has stains, heavy use, dirt, rips, pet smells, mildew or other damage

Sleeper sofas and futons

This End Up furniture

Old fryers, blenders, skillets, Tupperware, greasy pots and pans, non-silver flatware

Electric Typewriters

Slide projectors, home movie projectors, tape recorders

Old office equipment including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, partitions.

Older appliances, dishwashers

Mattresses and box springs, headboard shelving units

Christmas trees and holiday decorations made after 1960

Sewing machines made after 1920

Microwave ovens and microwave stands

Old rusty barbeques

Any entertainment center or stereo cabinet.

Cassette tapes, VCR tapes, 8 tracks - Records are OK

Yard sale leftovers.

Construction materials - Doors, windows, brick, tile, lumber, nails etc.

Rugs with any stains, dirt or pet smells.

Auto parts

Regular dishes, glasses, FTD vases.

Or anything else we feel has little or no market value.

We do not accept these items because they have minimal or no market value.  We cannot use valuable manpower and resources in an attempt to move and sell items that have little or no value.  Often it will cost us to discard them.  Please discard or donate these items to someone or an organization that needs or can use them.  Thank You!

Did you know...?
For hundreds of years the Auction Method has been the most efficient method of converting assets to cash. How can we use the Auction Method to help you?