Estate Auctions

We are the ONLY auction company in the region to hold the designation of Certified Estate Specialist, a prestigious title handed to us by the National Auctioneers Association!

We have assisted hundreds of executors and families handle the disposition of estate assets!

Auctions are the most comprehensive way to turn these types of assets into cash quickly, without a long drawn out process of tag sales or garage sales. The process of asset disposition can be expedited through a properly conducted auction.

When family deals with property left in an estate

In the case of a family having to deal with property left in an estate, the heirs will find an auction to be one of the fairest methods for disposing of the entire estate in a way that insures equitable consideration for all.

Auctions are the best way to convert assets into cash quickly at a single point in time.

Did you know...?
For hundreds of years the Auction Method has been the most efficient method of converting assets to cash. How can we use the Auction Method to help you?