Auction Services

Estate Auctions

Are you an executor or administrator of an estate?  Find out how an auction can make things happen quickly.  It's not just furniture...we'll sell nearly anything of value! |   Learn More

Business & Commercial Liquidations

Closing a business?  Need to sell assets quickly?  |  Learn More

Consignments, Coins & Antiques

Have a house full of nice items?  Furniture?  Antiques?  Tools and household?  Put it all in front of hundreds of bidders!  |  Learn More

Insurance Industry

Are you an adjuster?  Need a quick turnover for salvage items?  |  Learn More

Certified Personal Property Appraisals

Need a certified written estimate of value?  We can help!  |  Learn More

Clean Up Services....

When its all done, we'll even take out the trash for you.....

Did you know...?
For hundreds of years the Auction Method has been the most efficient method of converting assets to cash. How can we use the Auction Method to help you?

"Our experience with Auction Orange was very satisfying.  They handled the preparation for the auction with clear instructions and expectations, conducted the auction in a...